Not everyone has the ability to attract others to them in the first few meetings or interactions. While turning on the charm may come naturally to some people, others may have to practice some or all of these techniques. They may have learned the habit from a young age by observing parents or others, or because they found it to work out well. As adults, men would like to have the ability to charm girls and be attractive to them.


No matter whom you’re trying to please, these are some of the essential things that you can keep in mind, and they’re things that everyone’s going to observe about you. Something that you would constantly remind everyone of, your presence and who you are – that’s what first glances are all about.


  • Your Appearance – how you appear visually includes the way you dress, your facial features, and how presentable you look.
  • Your Style – how you interact with the world around you, the way you walk, talk, smile and laugh, how you react to things and how you express negative feedback and how you do you things in general. From the tiniest acts such as trash disposal, to the most significant things like how you start a conversation are aspects of your own unique style.
  • Your Mind – The things that go through your mind, and what you are obsessed with also create an impression. If you didn’t know, it’s possible that your mind can be read in one glance!

When you meet someone for the first time, these are the immediate things that they will observe. While this could feel extreme or too much to think about, believe it or not, these are the first few things that help you get noticed.

However, once the first impression has been created, it’s important to ensure that you present yourself well. It has to be a genuine quality and not something you can pull off for all time. It is something you carry with you wherever you go and whoever you interact with.


Once you have made your initial impact, either the other person will take the initiative to get acquainted with you or you might have to make a self-introduction yourself. Being straightforward is a wonderful thing that most people miss out on. If you are looking for a one night fling, you might as well ask for that straight away. Whatever you choose to do, one thing to keep in mind is not to overdo it.

Meeting a person in a smooth fashion always keeps things cool and casual makes it easier to go forward to better things. This also ensures that you don’t ruin your initial chances.


Once you become acquainted, you could start with getting to know the person.

Every bond is an understanding between two people. You should always respect the other person and know when to slow down and when to take it further. Keep pushing the limits or keep going further the way you want, that shows motive. But you should always be aware about how comfortable the other person is with you. It doesn’t take rocket science to casually ask, “Are you okay about this?” This also shows that you care about your partner and respect their decisions.

It is totally not okay to attack people.


But even after all this, the impression you have made on the person may only be a temporary one. While you have shown the person who you are, you would also have gained an impression of the other person and perhaps also get an idea of how well you have impressed them.


Pay attention to their eyes every time you meet or spend time with the person. Watch intently, because the eyes are where all the magic lies. The eyes tell you much more and they usually tell the truth. However, do this without making the other person uncomfortable. Keep listening, pay attention to how the person is taking you in, receiving you. This understanding would help you to decide what to do next – whether to keep going or to take a different track. The eyes can tell whether the person is lost in thought or would like to change the topic, whether this person needs a hug or wants to hang out over at your place. Learn how to make them come to you.


Charm doesn’t end once you get comfortable with the person. Naturally telling someone “You look good”, or “I like your sense of humor” or “You are brilliant at the piano” could flatter them. Do it often. You can either be deeply sincere, or be totally sarcastic about it, based on whether the other person’s sense of humor matches yours.


Charming a person is not about mere flattery alone. You have to let them know that you have understood them. You have to pay attention to the little things they do and the way they paid attention to you when they first saw you. Saying something nice to them creates a good feeling. That is temporary, anyone could do that. What you need to do is tell them something about them that no one else would have noticed, and this is something they would be happy you observed. It could be something as casual as, “I love how you speak. Your words have depth in them” to as intricate as “How come you aren’t on some stage, your talent is too good to be wasted.” These are just some possible examples – you can use your own creativity.


Observing something meaningful about someone is simple, if you know how to read body language. The things people do, the way they respond, the direction they face when they talk to you, the direction their feet are pointed towards, the way they hold their hands, the tone of their voice, their changing expressions, and how they may talk to you with their eyes.

Listen to the person, and I mean the PERSON, not just their voice alone.


I’m pretty sure you would have gathered enough information about someone before you decide to meet up with them.

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