Fixing Your Profile

A perfect profile is all you need on an online dating site to attract your suitable date. With the immense popularity of dating sites and the variety of choices available, people look for uniqueness.

Crafting the perfect profile can make you stand out in a crowd, and you can expect more people to approach you. Not everyone gets it right in the beginning and you may have to make changes to your profile based on the kind of responses you get.

Fixing your profile can be a challenging task. To help you with this, we recommend these useful tips to shape up your profile.

Picking profile photos

The first thing that draws a viewer’s attention is the profile pic. Be careful while choosing the best picture. Having a genuine smile on your face makes you more approachable to others. It’s important to put a profile photo that looks friendly as well as appealing to the eye. Keep the theme neutral to ensure that your photo isn’t the type to get the wrong type of attention.

Other pictures

Additional pics on your profile should also be selected carefully, as they can reveal a lot about your personality, so try to pick ones that project the real you. A full body shot gives an idea about your physical features and your dashing attitude. You can add a lifestyle photo that gives an idea about your hobbies and reflects your way of living. Include some group photos that highlight your sociable nature. If you love traveling and adventure, add those photos as well. People would be more attracted to your enthusiasm and enjoyment of life. If you add the link of your Instagram account to your profile, your potential dates can get to know you even more closely.

Describing yourself

Now that you have fixed up your photograph section to attract people towards your profile, your next goal is to engage them through a captivating bio.

A well-crafted bio should contain basic info about yourself. Never settle for one-liners because they say nothing about your individuality and are more likely to get rejected. Try to compile information in an expressive manner. Speak about your hobbies, interests, political and religious opinions, so that people with similar tastes will discover you.

Be open and genuine

Be frank about the qualities you are looking for in a potential partner. Mention whether you are here for casual dating or long term goals. If you seek short term fun, you can make that clear to attract like-minded people. You can also share your marriage plans if you have any along with your view on the perfect spouse and your plans for having kids. If you have personal/professional/academic goals to achieve, be honest about them.

On a lighter note, you can also add your favorite quote or your most liked TV show and superhero character.

The idea behind fixing your profile is to be more likable on an online dating site, while also being genuine and friendly. Keep these tips in mind to get the date of your dreams. You can find local women for free sex at